When are the regular monthly meetings?

The Third Monday of every month; 7:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

 Where is the town hall located?

The newly constructed Brockway Township hall is located at the intersection of 85th Avenue and 438th Street, approximately two miles north of the old town hall.

 How do I obtain a building permit?

Building permits for Brockway Township can be obtained from Environmental Services, Stearns County, Minnesota. 

After the paperwork has been completed you will need to get a signature from Supervisor George Fiedler (320) 333-2509.  This must be obtained prior to submission at the County.

 What is the policy for snowplowing?

Brockway Township has in place a Snowplow policy. 

 How and when can I request signatures on final plats?

If no changes have been made to the preliminary plat, signatures on final plats may be obtained outside of the regular monthly meeting.  Please contact either the Chairman or Clerk, whichever signature is needed.

 How do I request signatures for preliminary plats?

Preliminary Plats are reviewed by the Zoning Administrator and presented to the Planning Board who will then make its recommendations to the Town Board.  The Planning Board meets on the third Monday of the month at the town hall at 6:30 PM.


After it has been reviewed by the Planning Board, it then goes before the Town Board for review.

Signatures for preliminary plats must be requested at a regular monthly township meeting.

 Stray Animal Policy

The Town of Brockway has no Policy for the handling of stray animals. The board has been instructed by the residents at the annual meetings not to spend Township monies for this purpose.

 How and when can I request a Certificate of Conformity?

All information including surveys, legal descriptions and site plans must be presented to the zoning administrator for review and a report to be presented at the scheduled time for Planning Board review and a decision by the Town Board.